Chris Riesner photography & design
{below are the visual works, experiments and experiences as captured by chris riesner}
#wheeliewednesday from this weekend. @familiarstrange with the ride along action shot!
@familiarstrange got the shovel head running again
Finally finding some spots in Santa Cruz to get my tires dirty!!!
Good views up here, @kaysarasera and the dogs below
Made some country collars and leashes out of some hay bail twine for @kaysarasera rad country dogs
My welds surely aren’t on par with @colburg or @dirt_diggler1 but I think they’ll be alright. #fixitwhenitbreaks
Beefing up the #motorackbuild
This suckers sort of been breaking and falling apart from the abuse of motoing around with a 25plb backpacking bag. #trailmods in full effect with the trusty paracord
Spot number two in trying to get the fish before the drought dries up all the water with @raymondcastillo. #sequoianationalpark #sierras
Just one lil guy to feed @raymondcastillo family