Chris Riesner photography & design
{below are the visual works, experiments and experiences as captured by chris riesner}
Growing up in the country I’ve seen a whole bunch of random shit in these ditches, but this is the first time I’ve seen a brand new full size pickup! No idea how he got it in there either as I saw not tracks.. The dude said that last night he wanted to see what the rental doge had in her.. apparently the hemi didn’t have enough!
First little moto excursion, 60miles of road/dirt from the farm up into the hills
#offroadrig on the #roadrig :))
Was up on the mountain and met some snowmobile model. #arcticcat
@dailyshredder @supercaseyhughes and #snacksdog making an appropriately rad wedding exit!!
Had such a rad wedding weekend celebrating Dave and Casey Reuss! They’re the best!
David giving me a hand dialing in the moto
Say hello to my newest travel rig. Nearly brand new/bone stock 1996 xr600r. Going to be fun building this into a sweet dual sport.
Drew this up awhile ago but the rain reminded me of it as all the sc boys are probably stoked to be able to dig. Go follow @freedom_40 for some trail goodness